Dog and puppy training and resolving behavioural issues

The amazing partnership and bond between owner and dog is there for a lifetime. A well balanced, obedient and happy dog should bring companionship, relaxation and fun to your family. However, A dog can develop many different problem behaviours such as pulling on the lead, barking excessively or be destructive. It may show fearful, aggressive, nervous, hyperactive or obsessive behaviours. It may be a fussy eater, steal food, toilet in the house or jump up at people. Many of these possible problems can be avoided with the correct puppy training however some dogs come into our families later in life. As members of the Guild of Dog Trainers we promote responsible dog ownership and use motivational reward based training methods which enable clients to improve their relationship with their dogs and regain control of unwanted or unruly behaviour. We can also help potential new owners to choose the correct breed of dog which will suit their family needs and give advice on how to train the puppy and stop bad habits from forming.

We believe that all dog and puppy training is most effective when done on a one to one basis which ensures the best use of time and allows an individual approach that can be tailored to the clients’ needs.

Our trainer will come to your home and make an assessment of your dog and explain why your dog is showing the unwanted behaviours. The trainer will then give you the skills and techniques to effectively communicate with your dog and correct these behaviours. It may be that only one visit is necessary, but we can come to you as many times as you need.

We can also help potential new owners to choose the correct breed of dog which will suit their family needs and give advice on training so that when you first get a new puppy, teaching it correctly from the outset means that unwanted behaviours don’t become an issue. Even an hours one to one puppy training can help give you the confidence and knowledge to bring up a well-balanced dog that is a pleasure to walk and be around.

Doggie Day Care

We offer a fully licenced, premium doggie day care service with the option of a morning collection and evening drop off. Your dog will be exercised and have lots of company and stimulation with all the comforts of home while you are out at work. We take great care to only accept dogs that get on well together so that you have peace of mind that they are happy and relaxed while they are here.
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Dog walking

We offer a full dog walking service which means that if you are unable to walk your dog, for whatever reason, we give you peace of mind knowing that the safety and wellbeing of your dog is our primary concern. We offer one to one walking or with another dog if you wish for extra canine companionship. We do not believe that taking large groups of dogs out together is responsible and therefore only walk carefully selected dogs together so that your dog is treated with the utmost care and respect at all times.

Group Walks
Group walks allow your dog to socialise with another friendly dog. Whilst they get the most enjoyment out of their walks, they also get the added bonus of playtime, making them extra tired and happy. Discounts are offered to additional dogs in the same household.

One to One Walks
Not all dogs want to socialise with other dogs that is why we offer them a one to one walk concentrating on your dog only. Keeping them on the lead, the one to one walk allows your dog to get out and get some exercise during the day. One to one walks usually take place outside of the lunchtime period.

Home boarding

A fully licenced home boarding service for dogs is also available. We give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is being exercised and having lots of fun, love and attention whilst living as part of the family.
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Canine Therapy

Our CAIT service is designed to work collaboratively either within an educational setting or within the home by working in partnership with teachers, SENCO’s and parents in one to one sessions which enable a relationship to build between the child and the dog as well as trust.

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Areas covered include Bromsgrove, Fairfield, Catshill, Lickey, Lickey End, Barnt Green, Stoke Prior, Bournheath, Dodford, Marlbrook and Rubery.